Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will explain how Sprucemarks, a browser extension offered by Kai Nightmode, uses personal data.

What data is collected?

Patreon user id, name, email, membership status, and lifetime donations.

How is data collected?

Data is collected when you allow Sprucemarks to check your Patreon account.

For logged in users, data is automatically collected every so often to realize changes to your name, email, membership status, and lifetime donations.

How is data used?

All data (except email) is used to unlock or at least provide guidance on how to unlock Sprucemarks.

Besides being a secondary method of communication for membership or technical issues, email will only be used to identify accounts. Email will never be used for any other purpose.

How is data stored?

All data is stored on a secure server with multiple layers of protection, encryption, and backup.

For logged in users, all data (except email) is also stored by the browser.

How is data not used?

No advertisements. No analytics. No cookies. No marketing. No newsletters. No reselling. No referrals. No worries. ^_^

How long is data kept?

For logged in users, data is kept ongoing in their browser and on the server.

Users can logout to immediately clear data from their browser and start a timer on the server which will result in their user information being removed from the database in 90 days.

The server also automatically removes database records for any account that has had its Patreon information scrubbed. Scrubbed meaning the account name, email, membership status, and lifetime donation fields contain no useful information.

Who can I contact?

For questions about this document or anything Sprucemarks related, please contact Kai Nightmode via Patreon or Twitter.

This document was last updated on January 28, 2021.
This document may be updated in the future.